6 Questions Reveal What you are REALLY Saying About Your Corporate Culture

A recent blogpost on LearnVest (found here) listed 6 important questions that interviewees should ask when meeting with hiring managers to suss out whether the company is a cultural fit. We think it’s just as important for the company (and in this case that would be our clients) to answer these questions for themselves. Not […]

If you do one thing in 2015, DO THIS!

We’re not one for New Year’s Resolutions here at The Cheyenne Group – hence waiting until mid-late January for this post – but we believe it’s better to make positive changes all year round. Though often in our adult life, the Holidays become the one time of year that offers a real break from work, […]

CEO Tips: How to tell if your employees are engaged

As a manager, it goes without saying your number one priority is to manage the people underneath you (duh!). Part of that is making sure you keep your best employees engaged, because no one likes the feeling of losing their top talent to the competition. Your employees attitudes and work output (like it or not) […]

Career Therapy: Pat Mastandrea shares advice for the overworked and underpaid

In her monthly column for The Muse, Cheyenne Group CEO, Pat Mastandrea, shares her Career Therapy tips for the overworked and underpaid. Her advice is below and also found here. Dear Pat, I need serious guidance and I am hoping you can help me. My boss and I started at another company; I was his […]

Tips for hiring better employees (HINT: It starts with better interview questions)

We at The Cheyenne Group consider ourselves partners to our clients on every search. As our client’s search partners, they often rely on our input and assessment on the final 2-3 candidates in evaluating specifically who would be best for the job. Of course, by that stage, every candidate could DO the job – but […]

When to Call an Executive Recruiter

Let’s get right to it and tackle an uncomfortable subject… the dreaded cold call. Let’s face it, you dread making it, and we dread receiving it. I think it goes without saying that cold-calling without doing your research is NEVER a good idea. Yet time and time again, we receive cold calls from candidates desperately […]

CEO Tips: 2 Things That Will Make You a Better Leader Immediately

Entrepreneur Ilya Pozin recommends four things to make you a better leader in his recent LinkedIn article here. We’ve narrowed it down to two: 1. Stop accepting morning meetings 2. Shadow an executive counterpart who is outside your industry What do we mean? Read below…   1. Stop accepting early morning meetings! As Pozin writes: […]

CEO Tips: Managing the Distractions and Being Productive

Fact: In today’s world, we have many distractions: e-mails, phone calls, devices, stimulation, and yes – even our employees. In fact, research has shown that top CEOs are interrupted every 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes! Which begs the question, how do they ever get anything accomplished? We looked to our own top CEO, Pat Mastandrea, […]

Executive Tips: How to Manage Life & Work – What’s the Real Issue Here?

A dear friend of the firm, Debra Walton, wrote an excellent article for LinkedIn entitled “Tough Love: The Choices Successful Women Need To Make”. More than being an article for and about women, the article addresses issues any executive, ANY person in a job has to confront. Perhaps all of us could stand to alter […]

The Phone Interview

In our Cheyenne Group CEO’s monthly “Career Therapy” in the Daily Muse, Pat answers how to tackle the phone interview when it’s not your strong suit. Also note: it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.   Dear Pat, I have a dilemma, and I’m hoping you have some advice. I’m an accomplished writer and PR professional who just […]

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