3 Keys to Interview Etiquette from a C-Level Executive Search Firm

The content industry today is an active one (for obvious reasons). As new forms of media become the norm, new jobs arise and, hence, the need for new recruitment tools relating to the future of Media, Entertainment, Publishing etc. It is not abnormal that you will work with an executive search team at some point in your senior level / c-suite career. Below are some helpful tips for clients and candidates alike to use during the interview process.

When you are in an interview with a professional in the Content industry, keep your answers short, focused and to the point. This goes for any interview, but especially in the media and entertainment industries where people are used to receiving and creating high level content. Project the information you would want to listen to in a clear, concise, well thought out manner. Remember, as with advertising, people don’t want to be sold, they want to be informed and communicated with.

Make sure you are answering the questions candidates and potential employers actually ask, rather than the questions you want or expect them to ask. This goes along with the content your are putting out about yourself, your company and/or your job experience. Nothing is more frustrating than getting information you don’t want or need. Which leads to our last point…

Listen. What is the person actually asking?  And more importantly, are you forcing the person across from you to repeat themselves? Always ask for clarification so that you can be clear in the way you answer the person, but don’t completely ignore any piece of information they give out. It only makes you seem disinterested and disorganized – not a person you would want to work with or for.

This was adapted from an original blog post found here.